Archirivolto Design

Archirivolto was found in 1983 by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci as an industrial planning, design and architecture studio. While studying Architecture in Florence, together with some friends, Claudio and Marco put up an experimental theatre group. When they decided to focus their joint efforts on design, their interest in theatre strongly influenced the set-up of their new studio, drenched in creativity, sense of reality, respect and attention for the public. For Pocci+Dondoli design is beauty, harmony and freedom and cannot be bound by strict, pre-established rules, nor can it be the privilege of a social or cultural elite. One of the studio’s principles is the research on materials and processing, aiming for the best value for money. They prefer materials, like aluminium, plastic and leather, which gain nobility and elegance through sophisticated processing. During the last two years, more and more international enterprises, which appreciate the professionalism of the team and the quality of the products, have directed their requests to Archirivolto.

Židle Gipsy s područkou, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 40.10
  • 4.530,-Kč
  • bez DPH 3.743,80Kč

Židle Gipsy, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 40.09
  • 3.390,-Kč
  • bez DPH 2.801,65Kč

Jídelní stůl Millennium, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 20.38
  • 69.420,-Kč
  • bez DPH 57.371,90Kč

Jídelní stůl Millennium kulatý, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 20.42
  • 47.040,-Kč
  • bez DPH 38.876,03Kč

Jídelní stůl Millennium glass, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 20.36
  • 60.000,-Kč
  • bez DPH 49.586,78Kč

Konferenční stůl Millennium Ø 120, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 07.85
  • 39.990,-Kč
  • bez DPH 33.049,59Kč

Jídelní stůl Fusion, Bontempi Casa

  • Bontempi Casa
  • 52.03
  • 93.090,-Kč
  • bez DPH 76.933,88Kč

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